Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1/2 Way There!

Mason turned 7mos on the 14th, we're 1/2 way to 1!! Everyday day I'm amazed how much more he has grown. He learns something new almost everyday, this week it's saying "da da" . He passed the crawling stage and is now wanting to walk. We haven't mastered it yet, but it's getting close. He's enjoying not eating is baby food and giving me a hard time about it. He really doesn't have a favorite at the moment. It's pretty much whatever he can get to and play with. Last month Mason cut his first 2 teeth. We haven't seen anymore yet, but hopefully soon! He loves spending time with his daddy and watching t.v. (when Brian is around it's like I'm non-existent). I've already started to think about Mason's 1st b-day, and what to do. With it being 10 days before Christmas I would like to get it separate and have a party for him. I kind of get the feeling that it won't happen and we'll be celebrating it all at once. Guess we'll have to wait and see!!

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